removing teak deck 1995 GB

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Aug 15, 2021
Hi all,

I have a worn out teak deck on a 1995 GrandBanks 42 I'll be replacing with non skid. Would love to replace with teak but I haven't won the lottery recently so going with non skid.

I'm hiring out placing the new deck but am planning on removing the old deck myself. I'm curious as to what kind of substrate is under the teak planks and how strongly adhered they are after the screws have been removed. I've watched a lot of youtube vids and everyone seems to have different strategies on teak removal. Any advice will be well appreciated.

Good luck! I think it will come down to pulling a board to figure that one out and then coming back here for advice on removing the backing material. What non-skid are you going with? That's the tricky one for me. I had the sand in my non-skid and loved the traction, but hated cleaning it, or kneeling down on it. I ended up going with Total Boat non-skid. Very easy to clean....but slippery when wet. Compromises!
I'm curious as to what kind of substrate is under the teak planks and how strongly adhered they are after the screws have been removed.

On a fibreglass GB like yours it will be fibreglass under the teak. I have no personal experience removing teak decks but I have read that it can be a tremendous amount of work given the number of fasteners you need to remove and how tenacious the glue can be.

Are you certain you cannot save your current deck? The boat is not that old.
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Does that year have fasteners, or would it be glued/bonded directly to the fiberglass? Hopefully the latter!
We removed our teak decks but our GB is a 1980. It was screwed and glued with brown 5200. Here are some pics.


  • izzy rose stern deck teak.jpg
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Every time a teak deck is removed an angel gets its wings. :)

Just kidding, but good luck with your project, I am sure it will look great upon completion.
Here is a PowerPoint presentation form a member of the FaceBook "Grand banks Owners" group that shows how he removed his deck:

He recommends a "rotary hammer".
I tried a rotary hammer and found it difficult to control. Alot of enery expelled just trying to control it. I used the biggest wood chisel home depot had, I think it was 3" and a hammer. I sharpened it regularly. I had to put angled side down so it would not dig into fiberglass gelcoat.

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