rail hardware for 34 californian

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Jan 31, 2022
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34 Californian LRC
Does anyone out there know of a source for top teak rail hardware hinges and haspse for access points on 34 californian
Buck Algonquin has a likely looking wooden rail lock and wooden rail hinge. Not exactly what's on friend's 34 Californian, but close.
We have a 1983 Californian 38 and our teak rail hardware was made by Perko. The hinge is part 180-1. These are no longer made. The best way to find one is to place a saved search on eBay and maybe one will be listed. I have been looking for 4 months, with a saved search for that part, and luckily a group of Perko railing parts showed up! Win!!
It looks like you are in Southern California, have you tried Minneys in Costa Mesa? Don’t know if they are still around or not but they had a huge selection of used hardware.
Minney's is still around.....minneysyachtsurplus.com.....

Like a kid on Christmas morning every time I go there.....
There is a new listing on ebay for the exact hardware you are looking for- the Perko 180-1 plus latch.
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