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Ken Recine

Apr 18, 2019
Good afternoon thank you for allowing me to join my name is Ken Recine I am a licensed captain I work as a ferry boat operator for New York waterway I have been boating for a lifetime I am in contract with a 46 Present I plan on living on board cannot seem to find too much information about the manufacture so if anybody knows anything about them please let me know I look forward to meeting all of you at rendezvous‘s
Welcome aboard. I am not familiar with Present boats although we have a President...
Welcome Ken. Nice to have someone who can share real life boat stories.

Good luck on your purchasing your boat. Got any pics?
Welcome Ken. I have many fond memories of time spent with family in Highland Falls NY.
Welcome aboard TF from another New Yorker.
Always welcome inputs & stories from those that boat for a living... as well as pleasure.
We have a 1988 42' Present - built by CHB in Taiwan. Boats sold on the East Coast and Gulf Costs were mostly sold as Presents. On the West Coast and PNW they were sold as Ponderosa boats - same boats, just diff names.

"Chung Hwa Boat, CHB, was part of a three yard group owned by Y.F.Lee that was located in Kaohsiung, South Taiwan. They built mostly trawler style powerboats as well as a few sailboats for export to the US and Europe, for a number of different importers where they were sold under many different names.
It is thought that a yard of this same name still exists but located in mainland China."
Wow ok thanks, I’m in contract to purchase a 46 foot they call it a motor yacht but it’s just like a marine trader my parents had in the 90s there’s was a 47

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