Possible Boat Burglary in Catalina

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Dec 3, 2014
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Hi folks,
I was at the Isthmus in Catalina this past weekend. My wife and I met another couple and ended up spending time with them. They told us that on Saturday, the 4 guys on the boat next to them loaded up their dinghy to go diving. When they returned a while later, there was a young couple inside their boat!! When the men confronted them, the couple quickly dove overboard and swam to shore. The men were not able to tell if anything had been taken (CC, cash, etc.), but they were very upset, none the less.

They did not report the intruders as far as I know, but I certainly would have. It might help to know that they were moored in the second row from the beach, so a very short swim for somebody on shore. I would guess that this couple watched from shore to see when people left their boats unattended.

Anyway, a big heads-up for all of us. Lock your boat, even if you are leaving for a short time.

Cheers, Bill
Catalina thefts

I have heard of this a lot in Avalon Bay, but this is the first time I have heard of that in Twin Harbors.

We all need to be carful & lock our boats, not just the doors, but hatches & windows as well.

Remember there is a boat from L.A. dropping off hundreds of people from the main land every hours, so although Catalina seems like an island paradise, it has many of the same issues as Los Angeles.

Be careful my boating friends.

Alfa Mike

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