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Oct 23, 2007
I know that the folks who set up this forum are doing their best to keep it as open as possible as opposed to something like the T&T site which has perhaps overly strict rules regarding content.

And while I don't read Passagemaker, I assume their articles have at least a degree of value to them, and perhaps sometimes a lot of value.

But given that this forum is not for the promotion of businesses or products outside of a person's experience with them, it seems to me that PMM Cheerleader is crossing the line with his posts that are nothing but promotions for Passagemaker Magazine.* The text of the posts contribute nothing in terms of advice or experience, they are simply lead-ins to a list of PMM archive articles.* To my way of thinking, they are advertisements for PMM.* As such, I wonder if they are appropriate content for this forum?
I'll second that.
Thanks Marin. I have been thinking about that as well. I thought about just deleting his posts and then I thought maybe they might be of some value to somebody....I don't know. BUt you are right, it is not really in the spirit of what the forum is about.....and that is people getting together and sharing their knowledge and experiences about boats. Lemme thinkg about it and also anybody else out there with feedback, I would appreciate it.
From a different perspective, if the articles PMM Cheerleader is providing links to are useful to people on this forum I certainly don't have a problem with leaving the posts on the site. It's just that I've started seeing his article lists in more and more discussions, even the dinghy forum way down at the bottom. So it's become an irritant, like a fly buzzing around that won't go away. Or like Billy Mays blasting into your living room as you're watching TV continuously trying to get you to buy Orange Oil.
If Billy Mays shows up here I think I'll burn my computer. That guys voice diggs into my head makes me want to do something bad.
If you're looking for opinions, here's mine. He has provided no introduction (ala Chuck a few days ago) his profile provides virtually no information, his only responses are a list of 4 PMM articles on each subject which sometimes aren't even on topic.

He fails to provide what I'm looking for on this site which is real people with real life experiences. (for the record I still am not impressed with Steve D'Antonios 20 years of experience, Parlatores words of wisdom, or their incessant hawking of whatever advertisers product they got for free this month. I understand others have different opinions and that's OK by me.)

If he/she can't talk with us then kick him/her to the curb. Their site certainly doesn't allow dissention in the ranks.

Just my opinion and I could be wrong.......

LarryW wrote:

If Billy Mays shows up here I think I'll burn my computer. That guys voice diggs into my head makes me want to do something bad.

Could be worse... it could be that shamwow guy with the boom mike on his face.... EEEEK!
I'm mostly a lurker, but if I wanted Steve D's "wisdom" I'd buy the mag. OTOH, the cheerleader doesn't take up very much space. I guess it's a judgment call, but I guess I'm negative about him/her.
It should be pretty obvious what "Cheerleader" is doing. PMM has felt the impact* of Trawler Forum and is trying to head it off at the pass. The best time to attack your competitor is in the early stages of their existence. If you ignore them* too long, once they are established* it's too late to attack! I speak from experience having taken on a big bottle cap manufacturer many years ago. They ignored my little company until it was too late. We went on to capture a big share of their business and continue to do so today!

"Cheerleader" is an obvious indication of PMM's concern.

P.S. I'm sick of seeing his postings too!
He's gone!!!
"am not impressed with Steve D'Antonios 20 years of experience"

I guess I have over 52 years experience.* Hell, I've been messing around with things that float ever since my mom threw a bar of Ivory into my bath water at the age of -1!* That still doesn't mean I know sh*t about boats.

That's why I love this site.* Brand X can come over here and everyone still knows we have the best damn product.* Besides, we have always had the best*warranty in the industry.

"Satisfaction Guaranteed! Or, DOUBLE your money back!"

Wait, hold that last statement.* I might have to run this by legal.* Elmore?* Did you get that?
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