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Oct 5, 2007
I have not been able to get into PassageMaker all day. Do I need to empty my cache or has anyone else had the problem?
It's not you, it's Passagemaker. The site was slow this morning, and now it won't open all the way.
I been having withdrawals and need a fix, so thought I would banter,wander and hassel this site for a while. I recongnize most of the names so it's sort of like the PMM.* *Are we allow to mention PMM?

I saw Bill Parlator log on just before it went slow.* In the past there was talk about dropping the chat deck, so we will see.* Heck this may become the primary trawler site.* Anyway nice to know where*an alternative fix, when needed.*
** now that phil fill is here this site is complete
** as for passagemaker since the last upgrade it has become
** unworkable for me
Yeah, nice to have an alternative venue and to see you all gathering here! Whenever I can, I try to log on for a few minutes at lunch time, and then again before leaving the office in the evening (Hong Kong time). It turns out that those are the worst times for PMM. So, now I check PMM for a nibble in the morning, and then come here for lunch and dinner!
Welcome to all of you PMM folks. We hope you find this site fast enough and easy to use and we do hope it becomes the primary trawler site!!!
The problem with PMM appears to be their "adserver" ( Until they fix this, they've lost me.
Hey chuck!

Great to see you over here! We're pretty loyal to Passagemaker huh? Just goes to show you that if you don't constantly improve your product, you are going to lose customers.

I see*PMM is back up and running at a good speed.* However,*I will try to divide up the posts.* Great to see some of the same people on both of the sites, and looking forward to gettn to know the new names/pictures.

So let's see if that little picture come up?

Plese don't devide up your pists. I chek this one on evn days and the other one on odd dais.
Guess enough folks started to Bail on PM that they cut back on the adserv garbage so the board will load .

Here in the FL Hurricane Hole wilderness Ortona (were not nowhere , but you CAN see it from our porch) a 41kb phone line is considered FAST!

As this is a "moderated" board , we will see how long I get to stay?

Anybody able to get on PMM tonight? When I try I get DotNetNuke Upgrade error....* Whats that mean?
PM is broke again at 5-7AM today.

5 to 10 min of yard work , and adserver is still loading on return.

The only way to use PM is with a far more tolerant view of having your time waisted.

Sorry but an all day event is not in my cards.

Perhaps folks with better than dial up can get the dozensand dozens of adds , and use their spot ?

I see PMM is down again or having trouble?* We just got a new Verizon Broad Band up dated PC card and we keep getting an error message.* Yesterday at work on a Verizon land broad band could not connect.* The card seems to work great for other internet stuff.

So are other people having trouble or is it our new card or PMM?* ***Anyway looks like this site is stuck with me as I need a daily fix.* (-;


I haven't tried today, but yesterday it was to the point of taking a several minutes to process each click. Eventually, I got all the way in, and of course discovered that since it was so slow, there were hardly any postings. What a waste. I'll stay here as my primary forum.
Tried to log in there this morning for the first time in days.... got the blue screen of death. "Down for scheduled maintenance".

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Yeah, things really aren't so groovy anymore at PMM. The site's down (everyone knows that), the magazine simply hasn't hit the shelves here in Hong Kong for the last 3 months, and no one at PMM wants to answer my questions about a possible subscription. Not good.

Can anyone answer me this? How long does it take for new issues to be delivered internationally? If the answer is "less than 4 weeks from publishing date", then I want to subscribe. If the answer is "more than 4 weeks", then... ummm, I'll probably still have to subscribe!
I have been to West Marine twice...latest Saturday...looking for the magazine issue that the web site is/was showing. No luck. They still have the issue that features a Brand X tug on the cover.

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Just for grins, I tried logging into PM again this morning, still down. That's at least 24 hours it's been down. Wonder if they're down for the count?
The site was up and running well this afternoon but it seems to be down again tonight. It really is a shame, the place was jumpin this afternoon with more people on it than I have ever seen before.

Either they can't get a decent IT guy or the advertising is continuing to screw it up. Either way, nobody can get to the advertising so there isn't much point in having it there.

For those of you who want to know....I received my PassageMaker, in the mail, 2 days after it appeared on the site. I live in the San Diego area.
Tell your PM friends and bring them over here. Haven't had much trouble so far with the site. It seems to run pretty fast all the time.
Well, PMM is down again?*
So you are stuck with me at least until it comes up again.*
The PMM site is really low in the number of posts?* Well, at least I have this site to get my daily fix.*
I think most of the old regular are on this site already, and many of the discussion on PMM are also post here.*

Way back when PMM was about the same size and number of hits this site has, now they are up to 6,500 with hundred of hits everyday.*
* Anyway thanks for the site, and if you do need some help just let us know as it takes time and funds for a site.
Hey Walt,

What in God's Green Earth is that new avitar you have. Sure is'nt your Halvorson.

Eric Henning
30 Willard
Thorne Bay AK

Yes it is my boat! Fresh out of the beauty parlor with new paint, Prop Speed and a transducer for my NorthStar 6000i.


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Well Guys I can still get the PM site down here in Aus and I got my latest issue about 2 weeks ago.
The PM site is still slow but I suppose when you travel at 8 knots you can't expect miricles.
I keep saying I won't go back but I allways do.
I enjoy this site no one appears to be scratchin as much and the threads are a bit more open and all the old faces are here.

As part of my twelve step program I have been off PMM for one week now.

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St Petersburg, Fl
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