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Nov 28, 2013
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Albin 27
Just purchased an Albin 27 (1984). Have been a day sailor on a Catalina 22 so my sons and I are learning a lot about the various systems. Home port is Porum Landing on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. IMG_2169.jpg


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Welcome aboard. Large lake and a fishing paradise from what I understand.

Welcome to the Forum. Nice looking boat!
Nice boat, Welcome aboard. :)
Welcome very nice looking boat. I was looking at my Quimby's a couple of years ago & saw a route from the Mississippi to Oklahoma via the Arkansas river. Gave some thought to planning a cruise that way but gave that up, I figured if I went that far I might as well continue on towards the gulf. Hope you enjoy your new boat.
Good looking FC. I assume that an 84' is going to be equipped with a Lehman/ peugeot? I have an 86 with the Nissan. Great little "pocket yachts". people's eyes bug out when i start talking about how many "quarts" (NOT gallons) per hour i use. Running hard i CAN use almost 4 quarts (one gallon) but i am usually between 2-3 quarts per hour. For more specific Albin info be sure to check out the Albin owners group forum too.
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