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Feb 9, 2014
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1988 43 Marine Trader Tradewinds
Hi all,
I have enjoyed reading this forum and have learned a great deal just reading some of the informative threads. I look forward to learning much more. I have been boating for many years but this is by far the biggest boat I will have operated so far. It is a 43 MT/ Tradewinds. There is lots to learn. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. I plan to keep it in New Bern until June and then will be bringing it up to champlaine for the summer.
Welcome Paulb, post some pictures of your boat when you get a chance.
I'm hoping to move the boat to New Bern next weekend and will be getting so pics of the interior, I spent time on the boat during the survey but didn't have time to take any good pics.


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I just noticed your picture and I hate to be the one to tell you but boats work much better with the hull to the bottom and flybridge to the top.
Ok so I hope you have a sense of humour
I didn't tell you its a sub trawler. I posted it right side up but it tipped it over on me maybe that's an oman Uh oh
2013-12-06 14.58.02.jpg
This should look better
Tradewinds 43 - I have been looking at those and I think you will love it.
Thanks, hopefully now that I have it floating right side up again I will be able to enjoy it without getting my hair wet
Looks great Paul. I am considering the exact same boat and year. Now that you have had the boat for a year, are you pleased with your purchase? Are you using lehman or cummins for power? How is your fuel burn, what are the hurdles you have had to overcome? Looking forward to hearing all about it.


Hi Jim,
The boat is great. I purchased her in NC. and have since brought her north to Burlington VT, back to New Bern NC, and now she is in route to Cape Cod MA. I have Ford Lehman 275 Turbo Diesels. She can get up to 18kts, but the wallet likes 8 or 9kts, and at that speed she burns about 8gph. Very economical for her size, I think. As far as problems, very little. Some old worn out drain hoses that leaked,but no major issues. She doesn't like following seas at all but other wise reasonably stable in medium seas. I wouldn't want to be in to rough of water but who would. Great intercoastal cruiser lots of living space.

If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck! If the boat you are looking at is the same as mine was when I bought her you will be Very Happy!

Also, If you have any pictures of the boat, I would love to see them
Paul, Ok, now you know that I am a little electronically inept as I misplaced my login information for Virginia's Run. Nonetheless, I am now reincarnated and present myself as Zoomie. Thanks for the Respons and I will get photos to you soon. , Jim
Welcome Aboard! Good looking boat, in either direction!

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