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Sep 15, 2023
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1985 Cheer Men PT 41
Over the last year or two, I have found myself stumbling across this forum on more than one occasion while surfing the interenet for answers to my ever growing list of boating related questions.

Happy to leave my visitor status behind, joining as a true member and as of recent life move, the proud owner of a Cheer Men PT 41 Europa Sedan (1985).

My other half (Matt), our dog Boris, and I bought our boat Lucy in July (2023) down in Southern California. After a month of work rewiring and getting her up to speed after a few years of neglect, we took her back home to San Francisco.

We look forward to sharing our experience, connecting with other boaters, and can use all of the advice and guidance available!

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Welcome aboard. I found this forum the same way you did.
Congratulations on your new to you boat.
Welcome aboard, Finn,Matt,and Boris!
I guess it is time to repeat our standard greeting.

"Welcome Aboard, Send pictures"

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