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Sep 24, 2021
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Pocket Trawler Jolly Roger 33
I am an old salt. Just the other day my wife Marlene and I, Benno, became owners of a Jolly Roger 33 pocket trawler with the name “Albatross.” Some years ago, to be exact, it was 2013, we sold our aluminum 41 Diesel Duck trawler with the name “Diesel Duck.” It was our home for 8 years and let us explore distant shores including rounding the tip of South America. Further in the eighties, from 1982 to 1987, we lived on board of a Goderich 37 sailboat with the name of “Najade.” With this boat we sailed over the pond to Europe, did the canals of Europe, rounded the Mediterranean Sea and sailed back to Canada. The Jolly Roger 33 needs some work and I am ready to get my hand on this new adventure to fix her up.
I will be happy to ask for help and as well contribute to this forum as good as I can.
Yes, welcome to TF. I sounds like you will have much experience to share. :flowers:
Aw SNAP!!!! I can't believe I used "you're" instead of YOUR first mate! (post #2). Humblest apologies...

Thanks RT Firefly, love your humor! First mate is a wonderful girl and a super sailor. Best regards, Benno

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