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Jelly Belly

Mar 26, 2019
I am generally an offshore fisherman that likes to go fast, 60+. However, as I near retirement in five years and think about traveling, I am I interested in trawlers for several reasons.

First, cost to run a 40’ center console 60 mph is roughly 85 gallons an hour. God forbid what it would cost to run a 60’ Bayliss at that speed. Second, my back hurts from doing this for 50 years (of course speed is a new thing but there are no fish left in Florida on the west side of the Gulf Stream). Now why? I love teak, grew up with classic makos and find the hull of trawlers very appealing. I also hate sailing. Love boating.

I’m interested to learn what type of boats would give me the size, safety of twins is a must, and the ability for two live on for several months a year. I think as close to 50’ as i can afford. I’d like to be able to tow a fast 23-25 fishing boat too if possible. Something to travel the islands. I only like clear water.

My budget would be used. Under $400k. I’m good at repair and work. I rebuilt a classic mako. Now, the new electrical dynamics would be a challenge, but that’s why sites like this are here.
Welcome to the forum, I'm sure some of the people here with bigger boats came help you out. Towing a 23' fishing boat would make me way to nervous, I don't even want to tow my dinghy.
First a question.

Do you want a boat that cruises at 7-8 knots and maxes out at 9-10, or do you want a boat that cruises at 7-9 knots but can run at 17?

Your answer will determine responses.
JellyBelly: You've got a healthy budget there. I see a beautiful boat in your future. Good luck!

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