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Jan 3, 2018
Thanks for allowing us to join.
We are currently between boats, a fire in the next slip damaged ours. Consequently we've been looking at boats available for sale, used, and the Mainship 34 has often caught our attention. Could use any input from forum members on these boats.
Which Mainship 34 are you considering? There are two different flybridge trawlers- the classic made in the late 70s throughout the 80s and the 34T made from 2005 to the end.

Welcome! Sorry for your loss but searching for a replacement could be fun. How long was it yours before the loss? What type/model/size boat did you lose? What did you not like about your ex-boat that you hope the MS34 will fix? Good luck and have fun!
Welcome aboard TF
I think you will find the folks here are generally very welcoming and helpful... although at times a little cantankerous!

We have a '08 MS 34HT - the hardtop version of the late model 34T - and it suits our needs and cruising style very well. We especially like the light & fresh air available in the saloon, layout of the galley being open to the living space while still hiding any mess from guests, separate shower, cover aft deck, wide / safe side decks / rails.
Great boat for a couple even for extended cruises.
More info, projects and pics available on the Bacchus link below.

If that's what you are interested in I'd be happy to answer any specific questions
mainship possible

We haven't had time to recover from the loss of our Chris Craft 28EXP. Insurance companies have yet to arrive.
Had her for 12 years and was finished upgrading everything to allow us to cruise to FL every spring. Not this year! What I liked about the 28EXP was 17Knots @ 6 gal/hr. (Cummins 6BT). Easy to get into a slip at the last minute with a small boat
Our next boat will have attributes that the Chris did not have. Protected running gear, good tracking and stability in a beam sea and space for a generator. Inside steering is a must, I see a lot of trawlers don't have that.
I've never had a boat with an upper helm and I think it will take an adjustment for me. Due to our age and agility there must be easy access to the flybridge
looking forward to our next boat, whatever it will be.
Picture of our Chris before it was toasted attached

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