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Oct 27, 2013
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Hi all,
just stumbled upon your site and after reading a few posts knew I had to join, viewed my first chb trawler a few years ago and knew then I had to get my own, still in the process of getting my trawler- CHB of course, but I will get there. In the meantime I will sit back and try and absorb the mountain of info available here.

Any aussies imported a trawler from the US? just wondering the pro and cons..

Welcome on board.
You will find plenty of Aus members and a few who have done the import caper.
As a matter of fact Insequent has just unloaded his new boat in Brisbane about a week ago.

Enjoy the ride and info on your way to your new boat.
Welcome. Quite a few members on here from your part of the world. Glad to have another one come aboard.
Welcome aboard,
You are correct, there's a mountain of info available here to absorb, so much that I changed my mind, several times, when searching for my boat.
Read on and enjoy!:thumb:
...Welcome, This is like a University. The Universal Trawling University.....

Good info, excellent friendship.

Be happy
Welcome Offthehook,

Nice to have another Aussie on board.

Have fun boat shopping. There are lots of deals out there if you keep your eyes open. Sounds like your mind is set on a CHB. Nice boats- but there are other similar designs as well.

I looked into importing a boat from the US. There is certainly more choice over there; but cost wise, there isn't a big savings on a 30-35ft boat. Shipping costs get high if it doesn't fit into a shipping container. There is also GST, fumigation, electrical conversion, plus travel costs unless you want to buy unseen. It all adds up.

Best of luck with the shopping process, whichever way you go.
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