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Dec 15, 2012
Greetings from a new member.

My name is Jim and I am fairly new at Trawler Yachting, having acquired Satori a little over 2 years ago. I have lived or played around the water all my life, but only recently decided to take the plunge to buy an old Taiwan hull and begin the long and arduous task of bringing her back into shape and getting her upgraded for longer cruising.

Most of my cruising is up in the California Delta area (where it should be warm), but occasionally venture down to the SF Bay.

I have recently discovered TF and have been reading a lot of the posts since it is more pleasant than working out in the current weather. After just being a voyeur for awhile, I decided to make it official and sign up as a member.
I find the Forum to be most interesting and very informative. I have been a member of the CHB group on Yahoo, but find this forum to probably have more to offer for my particular needs.

Just wanted to express my appreciation for all the Yachting knowledge that you all have to share.


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Nice looking trawler! What kind of power? Have the windows been replaced?

She looks better from a distance really. Satori is mostly original, for better or worse. Windows are in pretty good shape as they are shielded by the bridge overhang. The teak decks are the major problem that I struggle with. For now she is under cover in the Delta so the deck situation is stable. I am mostly a fair-weather cruiser so far so the decks do not pose a problem at this time.
As for power, she is a single Volvo TAMD40, 155hp, and 4-blade prop. Plenty too much power mostly.


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Welcome Delta JimS! Great to see another fellow Delta cruiser on board. We have a social group made up of Bay and Delta boaters here. Feel free to join in and meet the locals.

I often travel to Antioch on my fishing and cruising adventures and have spent several nights there. Larry's always a big help and a pleasure to visit with while refueling.

Hope to meet up on one of our local cruises. We're already talking about a Pittsburg trip after the holidays...right next door!! Will post more as we get closer.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I had not discovered the Delta group on the site yet. I have had some discussions with Jennifer from Pineapple Girl from my days on the CHB site.

I most certainly would like to hook up with some of you local folk. I actually live in Santa Clara, where I joined the Power Squadron there a couple of years ago. Great folks and education, but most are sailors if they boat all. Need some connections up here in the Delta who actually use their boats.

Antioch has treated me well although sometimes the "local character" can be rather trying.
Larry is certainly real fine people and he saved my butt when I needed a slip in a hurry on my way out of Alameda, and I have a nice slip. All the folks at the office have been good to work with.

Certainly would like to meet up with some of you folks in Pittsburg, but the weather will really need to improve before I venture out much. Also, I have several engine room projects that need to be coordinated in order to be able to cruise safely for the day.

Do stay in touch.


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