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Tom 47

Dec 18, 2016
I stumbled on to this site this past weekend and found it had a lot of good information. First boat was a row boat at 13 and have and am still paddling around at almost 70 but no longer a row boat.
Welcome to Trawler Forum, Tom! Tell us more.

Whatcha paddling around in now? Got something with power, I hope!

Lots of good folks here, including some in your home state. I met and got on the water with TFer CHC on his 34 LRC on the Chesapeake. I lived and worked for a year in Harrisburg. Got the chance to see much of the area. I really enjoyed learning about the battlefields in the area. The best by far was Gettysburg.

Glad to have you aboard! Cheers!
Welcome to the forum! Chesapeake Bay is a nice area to paddle or play with something bigger.

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