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Nov 23, 2016
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Ranger Tug 29 Classic
Hi everyone. We have just joined the Trawler Forum. We have a Ranger Tug 29 and enjoy cruising the Pacifc North West. Plan to spend July up in The Broughtons this year and head to Alaska next year. Also want to do the Great Loop in the next few years - probably in three years but already starting to plan. We may move up to a bit larger tug - either a 37 Nordic or 34/36 American - they both sound like excellent boats. Appreciate any advice anyone would have on these tugs.
Welcome to the Trawler Forum Hugo!
Welcome aboard, from BC's north coast :thumb:

Does this mean we now have Dauntless and (mini)Dauntless on TF :D
Welcome Hugo,
I taught school briefly in New West in the 70's. Kept my boat at Captian's Cove Marina in Ladner. Was about the 6th tenant then.
Tug yachts are great. They say tug yachts have phony stacks and phony skippers. The NT 32 has been my favorite boat for many years.
Welcome to TF Hugo. I hadn't heard of New WM so I googled it. Boy, you are right in the midst of some great boating. How about sharing some pics of you boat with us?
Thanks for the welcome

Thanks everyone for the welcome. Here is Dauntless up in Smugglers Cove this summer.


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Hi Hugo,

After many years cruising the Inside Passage in trailer boats, we moved to a Nordic Tug 37 last spring. Perfect size for us - wanted two staterooms. Traveled 4500 nm over the summer, starting only three weeks after purchase. Love it!

Asking prices for American Tugs were mostly way higher, sometimes even for the single-stateroom models.
Welcome aboard!

I have a 37 Nordic Tug, hull #15, built in 2000. I've had the boat for three years and have taken it to AK each summer—about 2000 hours of running time total. I really like the boat!

It's super efficient. I typically cruise at 1300 rpm, making about 8 knots and burning a little more than 2 gallons per hour. With 370 gallons of fuel onboard, there's plenty of range for any coastal cruising.

The boat is easy to single hand (pilothouse doors and bow thruster!) and there's enough space to have guests.

NT generally selected good quality components and installed them well. I've done lots of upgrading, but haven't had to redo or fix anything because NT installed it poorly or it failed prematurely.

American Tugs tend to be newer (they started building boats in 2000 I believe, NT in the 1980s), and thus more expensive. The 34/365 AT is similar to the 37 Nordic, but with one stateroom instead of two. The AT also has a slightly shorter salon/galley and slightly larger head. Nordic also built some single stateroom 37s...they're really nice boats if you rarely/never have guests aboard.

Let me know if you have specific questions or want to see a NT37 in person but without a salesman. My boat is in Seattle right now but I'll be cruising in the San Juans, Gulf Islands, and hopefully up to Princess Louisa starting next week. Back in Seattle for the boat show in January.

I bought my Nordic through Steve Scruggs, the factory-direct salesman for American Tug. He's knowledgeable and fun to work with....recommended. There are a bunch of good 37s on the market right now in the PNW, and these boats are small enough that they can be shipped relatively economically.
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