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Feb 20, 2024
Vessel Name
Sol y Luna
Vessel Make
1983 CHB 34’
Good morning all! Tried looking through the threads for information and decided to start this one. I recently purchased a Koehler 7k generator for my 1983 CHB 34’. I will install it myself, so I can learn all of the systems involved for future knowledge. Very tight fit, but doable based on measurements.

Has anyone done this and maybe share some tricks? Placement will be right at waterline, so will probably add the anti suction loop. It is diesel. Biggest concern of mine will be dropping it into the engine compartment. Trying to conceive a hoist to lower it. Very tight for a forklift but possible. Unfortunately the videos on YouTube show mostly larger vessels. Any help appreciated! I will film this for future reference, so, let’s get this thing in!
Just some general comments...

Pay very careful attention to the design and routing of the raw water intake plumbing, and the exhaust. It's amazing how many engines get installed with an intake and exhaust that are prone to, if not guaranteed to flood the engine at some point down the road. Kohler surely has installation directions. Also download and read NorthernLights "Don't drown me" paper which is a good general guide. If you make an elevation sketch of the planned installation, I'm sure there are people here who would be happy to review it. It's one of those things where extra eyes may spot problems that are otherwise overlooked.
Consider adding a Gensep exhaust box if you have the room, it's a game changer in terms of sound.

With a good sound enclosure you can hardly hear the generator run and can run it all night without disturbing your neighbors (or yourself). You do need to add an thru hull for the underwater portion of the exhaust though and need space above the waterline for the unit.

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