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Oct 5, 2007
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Anastasia III
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Krogen 42
I was thinking today (always dangerous) and came up with a new boat term. More exactly, it's a unit of measure...the FU.

Kinda like we use the term "boat unit" or BU for short to signify $1000, the FU applies around fuel docks. It stands for "fuel unit".

You get FU'd while cruising, using up your fuel. You really feel the FU though when you pay for that fuel, and the attendant is happy to FU up.

FU's will hurt even more in the future, as the value increases. It can cost well over $1000 now to get FU'd, even in smaller boats.

The more you slow down, or increase your fuel economy, the less FU'd you'll be in the future, so bend over now and get to work on those engines.

Note: When looking for a fuel dock, it is not recommended to holler "FU?" either over the radio or in person to an other boater, as they are not all familiar with the term at this time. However, I'm sure it will come into common usage over time.
LMFAO... Keith, you have way too much time on your hands.
Mr. Fu, the attendant at our fuel dock here in Hong Kong, would become most confused!*
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