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We had another fun afternoon on the water Saturday.* I will thank Troy again for providing the anchor.* I thought it was just gonna be him and us and then I get there and there are already 3 boats on the raft and we make 4.* Well then a friend of mine pulls up and I invite them not realizing they have 2 more boats with them.* So I was part of a raft that I usually shake my head and laugh at.* We had 8 boats on one anchor....but do realize 4 of those boats were trailer boats(mid 20ft or smaller).* ALso realize that Troy was doing a beta test of his new Fortress FX55.* I went to ask and apologize for the number of boats and he said to let it ride and see how well it did fine and held just fine.* ANYWAY, all the bla blah blah.

First pic is of Troy and his lil chika floating Nassau Bay..

Second pic is my wife Cyndi "getting her sombrero on" with my neighbor in the background....Chris....I tried to edit him out without good results...

Third pic is of Troy's chika(Chrissy) and her friend(sorry forgot her name) gettin their float on!!!

Fourth pic is of Cyndi getting caught with her hand in the cracker jar....snacking down noted by the cheese and cracker in her left hand and a mouthful of same...

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Gary was on the boat next to me and they had a friend with them.* I think she(in the one piece)*was celebrating a birthday as well as a coming out party after her she is freshly single.* Someone also said she is a swimsuit model but dunno how accurate that is....* Also a dental hygienist as noted by quite a winning smile.* The other girl(black and white checkered bikini)...well... the camera ate her up or she ate the camera up.* She could make a crappy photog like me look like a pro.* SO much so that I had to go over and make sure she didn't mind me snapping her picture....she said to fire away and even gave me some good subtle poses.* I imagine she is in her 20s but wow, what a cute young lady.* She also asked what websites I would post these on and I told her none except this one.....and that there were just a buncha married* guys on here!!!!

I would post up the dudes for the ladies but since there are none on this site(that I know of), well...................

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Troy must need a bigger noodle...

I mean, if it takes three to hold him up!

FX55!!!??? Geez, my FX-23 holds my Krogen 42 and 6 other similar sized boats in a 15 knot wind. That sounds like overkill, but hey... he ain't movin' with that one down!

"Married old guys"? Hey, I'm single and lookin'!

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Keith wrote:

Troy must need a bigger noodle...

I mean, if it takes three to hold him up!

FX55!!!??? Geez, my FX-23 holds my Krogen 42 and 6 other similar sized boats in a 15 knot wind. That sounds like overkill, but hey... he ain't movin' with that one down!

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That's funny because I was gonna comment on his.....uhhhhh......noodles...

And, yes, once he told me what kinda anchor he had down I didn't feel so bad.
I dont mind all the boats as long as they keep bringing the chicks out, so next time keep them coming Baker!

AND they quit making the fat boy noodles, those only take one to float me. The skinny ones take two and the third was just floating so I rescued it!

The FX 55 is a bad boy but it only weighs 32 pounds so I am happy with it.
I have had a few bad experiences with dragging and I have also had a few good experiences with having extra guests raft to me at anchor, so thats kind of what I had in mind with this anchor. I compare anchors to hooters, they cant be too big! I figure we had well over 100,000 pounds on the anchor, Jim on Finale and I weigh close to 70,000 pounds together, then John and 4 small 20+ foot boats. The wind was light maybe 5-10 knots. The thing that I really like about the Fortress is that the nasty Galveston bay mud falls right off polished aluminum anchor.

Here is a shot of Baker in action with the cameraand a few others of the ladies J

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RE: More "boat" usage....

For a long time I couldn't figure out why folks "boated" in all that warm, humid weather.* I'm sort of getting the gist:)
I've actually never been able to figure out why someone would use a boat in anything less than 70 degrees.
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