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Mar 17, 2008
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Isle of Skye
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Bruckmann trawler
I have to fly out to Brasil in a week and need to leave my wife and the Isle of Skye in an economic marina close to a Gulf airport (Tampa??) where I can get a connection to Miami.
We are presently in Tarpon Springs and meandering south.
Any suggestions?

Hi Jon,
Several options...Clearwater Municipal Marina on Clearwater Beach, there is a Holiday Inn Marina at Indian Rocks Beach just past the Walsingham Bridge and if you go further south there is Madiera Beach Municipal marina. Not sure of what their fees are, but as Clearwater and the Holiday Inn are about 25miles due west of Tampa International. There is a company called Supershuttle that has vans to transport to the airport but they take quite some time, so a cab might be quicker but a bit more expensive. Unfortunately I don't have the phone numbers for these places but they should be in the cruising guides or yellow pages. Hope this helps.
We spent a few days at Clearwater City marina and enjoyed it ,even though my holding tank for some reason "Burped" as I was pumping it out and gave me a spraying of its contents. Fortunately the showers are near the fuel dock! We were on an outside slip and there was quite a bit of rocking from the tour boats maybe they are not so active this time of year.
While you are in Brazil try Porcao or one of the other good Rodizio style restaurants to make up for the poor steak at Steinhatchee!
Boa Viagem!
Called Clearwater and was offered** $520 for 9 days, and Gulfport offered $250 so guess it's Gulfport.
I'm sure there'll be several churascarias and several caipirinhas on the agenda. I'll be in SW Para so there's also lots of great fish (especially with maracaju)
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