Krogen 42 total refit (time, money, and ability restricted) of course

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The change to steel fuel tanks may have come at the time Krogen moved production from Chien Hwa to other boatyards due to his concern over quality. He is reputed to have said "no more Hwa yards for me"...

I had heard the same but I'm not sure when they may have moved. Ours was built, 1987, in a Chien Hwa yard.


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Sunchaser, I don't know about Scout's owner, but my refit was driven by time and budget to create a reliable boat to live and cruise on for the next decade. Recouping some of my expenses was always in the back of my mind. I figure the boat will be 40 years old, and we all know buyers like cheap and clean, I think I will be positioned OK to sell. By then it will probably be a cash sale and who knows about insurance by then. So Perfect or better then new was never the goal. Besides she will probably get beat up pretty good with our crusing aspirations and I don't want to worry about my next wax job so to speak.
What an undertaking! Congratulations and thanks for sharing the blog and the photos.

Was the genset in the ER photos? I may have overlooked it.
Not any good photos, I really need to go thru and do all the after/finished photos. I kind of slacked on that, and now I've filled the boat with spares etc. for our trip, so it's a bit more cluttered.


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Scott: What is that store bought ladder doing there? Someone steal that custom stainless steal one you had when we saw Sealife?
Yea Larry, that's what I mean....need to get some better after pics. That was before the flooring went over the plywood too.
Forgot to mention....leaving for Bahamas in AM. So limited connectivity for any responses, questions... Be back in Key West beginning of December, before heading South.
Looks to me that your Nickname should be "McGyver". That is a compliment!

Caroline has finally updated the refit page and photo links for the refit. She is still working on a before and after type page. Sorry for all of those that clicked and got the 404 error message.

So we are coming up on 3ish years since refit/cruise beginning.

First note: fix everything before you leave, parts are at least twice as expensive everywhere we have been vs. US (if you can even get it). Bring all of the repair and maintenance items with you.


2 trojan L16 batteries shorted unexpectedly. (Trojan warranty was crap) $1k each locally, see note 1)

Jabsco 4” centrifugal fan for Engine room rated for 5000hr runtime. Cutting out on internal motor high temp switch after 2000hrs. Don’t ask me about the warranty!

Shurflo Aqua King II pump bypass failure. I installed this in Key west as I have had problems with variable speed electronically controlled pumps on last boat. This is a mechanical bypass that is supposed to be similar. It makes the hot cold temperature variation more pleasing to my wife. The bypass has stopped working.

Northern lights gen raw water pump lost impeller at 200hrs, salt water shaft seal at 300hrs and oil shaft seal at 400hrs. Replaced entire pump with new spare. In fairness it is a jabso pump, not NL. New pump leaking oil at mounting flange o ring. Exhaust elbow clogged with carbon at 600hrs.

Raritan heads, one leak on both heads different parts, but both manufacturers defect on plastic parts.

Mercury 3.3hp 2 stroke. Original 2005 model became unreliable after constant carburetor issues over the life of ownership. Parts cost more then engine was worth. Purchased new 3.3hp 2 stroke in Grenada (weight to hp ratio w/ gearbox can’t be beat), already having carb issues.

Force 10 oven/stove. Electronic ignition stopped working after 6 months. (Battery good, needs $100+ module)

Davis weather station. Replaced wired original when it broke with new wireless(only available option). On fourth outside station component due to lack of comms.

3M 4000uv has all powdered and cracked.

I have not mentioned any equipment that was on the boat when I purchased her as they were all at least 10yrs or older. Can’t think of anything else currently.

The dependable:

Galley maid windlass, Rocna (couldn’t help myself), Kyocera solar w/ outback flexmax 80, 2003 Yamaha 15hp enduro, Caframo fans, Bristol finish, Engel (from last boat) Still excellent, Bowmac reman FL120 (purchased second hand), Cruise RO watermaker (one plastic valve failure replaced for free), Dometic refrigeration, Delorme despite some iPad connectivity issues, 2003 Furuno electronics.

That was the harder category, as I typically don’t pay attention to things that work well....But those listed exceeded expectations.

Finally, coming from the Chesapeake bay, I am not used to the constant assault from salt. From making passages with open doors/windows, I have tarnished so much interior metals etc. Luckily the boat was pretty old and tarnished to begin with. If I ever found myself in a newish boat, I would think of being closed up on passage to eliminate the salt mist from accessing the interior. The exterior SS is always rusting etc. maybe different on a better quality of today, but a battle for us. I would probably go with a fresh water anchor wash down if the chain was new (near future), as the chain has been suffering.

I am overdue for an in depth captain’s corner on the blog.
Mostly just to vent recent frustrations. Time for a beer I suppose....
we need more posts like this. :)

Hard to beat 1st person testimonials.

Plus, I've been eyeing KK42 lately.
Mostly just to vent recent frustrations. Time for a beer I suppose....

Yes, from that cold Dometic or Engel :).

As Diver Dave said, feedback from real life experience is as good as it gets. Thanks for reliving it in words for us.

Safe travels,
Thanks Scott and Caroline, what works and what doesn’t great information. I just re-read the refit pages and photos still amazed at what you accomplished in such a short time.
Diver dave,

I left out the part where the design of the KK42 has exceeded expectations. Short of quadrupling my budget or finding the deal of a lifetime, I think it has been the best for what we are trying to do.

I still don’t know how it happened either. Looking back, I would never attempt such a feat again. I guess it helped to have the stupidity/ignorance of youth on my side. Maybe it’s just the Taurus in me refusing to Yield.

But glad it happened:)
Boat deck load

1000 lbs plus on a 1982 KK42. Not designed for same I’m sure.
I think it was 500lb on lift and 750lb for total weight for boat deck including propane, etc. to keep to design performance numbers.
Ask me how I know

I concur on your specs. We bought a rigid dinghy w a internal tank, 20hp motor and all the fixings. In the turnover from PO (about 45 minutes give or take) I didn’t ask. 1982 wood mast lifts 1000 lbs of dingy up to my boat deck where it happily was hoisted repeatedly. Much to my horror I began reading the forum. Immediately removed said boat and boat a traditional inflatable. That being said and the fact that God protects idiots... no cracks in my deck, mast boom, etc. so... for the record. The Mahogany stringers in the early KK42s are pretty tough capable of abuse by ignorant newbies up to 1000 lbs.

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