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Apr 28, 2013
Good afternoon everyone.
Found your forum the most current and interesting . My wife and I are shopping for our first boat after having chartered up till now .
Always want on the water but it wasn't practical with my working schedule . I'm an OTR trucker and the wife was too nervous to have small children on the water. It has been a dream of mine for a lot of years and now all the planets have aligned to make happen.
Still doing a lot of research on would or fibreglass looking for something about 35 to 42 and floor plan to accommodate two medium size dog so prepare for lots of questions . So for now you can rest. Thanks Scotty
Welcome, you have come to a great spot for the information you need to get into this wonderful lifestyle.
Good to have you on board. Lots of cheap boats still around so it is a good time to buy. Have fun looking and post pictures. Tons of good advice on here, and a little not so good so you will have to be able to separate the two. Your chartering experience should give you some valuable knowledge as to what you want in a boat.
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