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Jul 27, 2020
United States
Vessel Name
Amazing Grace
Vessel Make
Carver 406 2000
We (my wife and I) are new to boats and new to this forum. We purchased a small boat just before Covid-19 came around. We've been living on said small motor yacht (sorry but Not a trawler) since. We're headed SLOWLY up the Atlantic ICW. Just learning the ropes and fixing stuff on the boat that we wanted to change and/or needed repairs.
That's about it. Our boat is a 2000 Carver 406. 43' long with 2 diesel engines.
Boat name is Amazing Grace, Independence, Missouri.
We are both from the mid-west (she's from Dallas / Fort Worth and I'm from Kansas City area) Both retired and enjoying life as much as we can. God's grace (hence our boat's name) has been abundantly bestowed on us.
We're presently located on the boat in Saint Augustine, FL.
She and I, (us)!
Welcome aboard - From Godspeed. We are currently on the hard in Little River SC soon to move north to the New Bern area. Stop in an see us when you get up here!
Welcome aboard. You don’t have to have a trawler to participate here. Congrats on your new boat.
Welcome aboard.

43 feet is not a small boat by any means!

We are just twenty miles on up the AICW from you in the Jacksonville Beach area.
Welcome Aboard. Your learning curve on a 43 foot Carver will be pretty steep. It is definitely not a small boat. It sounds like you are doing OK though.

Keep in touch

Welcome! Keep us posted on your progress and the fun you have along the way.

Hi and welcome from a SMALL boat. What's your current Mr Fixit project?
I think boat sizes at TF skews the understanding of what is big and what is small of boats in North America. I have copied and pasted this bit from a Super Loopers write up:

"How big is a big boat?

If your dreaming of a 50 footer - That's BIG! - You might want to think again
According to USCG statistics - of all the more than 12 plus million pleasure boats registered in the United States, fewer than 1% are 40 feet or
longer. Of those over 40 feet less than 1% (thats 1 in 10,000) of them reach 48 feet.
That alone should tell you something. . .
We get questions about boat size all the time. Amazingly, many have their dreams on 50-foot plus vessels. While we have all heard the phrase
"Bigger is Better", when it comes to cruising "long distance" - bigger has both safe and affordable much smaller limits. When cruising America's
Great Loop, there are also a few maximum size limits & restrictions.
While we all have our "dream boats", very few of us own one. I in fact, have never owned a 'dream boat' or even a brand new boat. Instead, I own
a much smaller, affordable boat. It is the one I live my dream on!

Greetings from the Wet Coast of Canada.
Welcome aboard. There is lots of advice available here to help with the learning curves about using, cruising, repairing, and living aboard a boat. Most of it is good advice, but don't ask about anchors. :)
We hope to be in New Bern soon, on our way to the Chesapeake Bay for the rest of the summer.
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