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Jan 21, 2008
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'05 Mainship 40T
Anyone had any experience with any of their products?* I've got some oxidation (as always) to take care of on my hull at my next haul out.* I'm thinking of giving them a shot.**

They have a good following among the sailing crowd, I think.

Sounds like they have some good products for inflatables as well.
I've used some of their products for vinyl. Silkenseal and some cleaner. Very good stuff, but it's not magic. Even their good products can't bring back things from the dead! I would recommend them though.
I'm a total believer! It's pricey so I borrowed before buying. Takes alot of work but made an ex-Florida boat look like new. The vidoes are a little funny and it's basically a 4 step process for an older boat. Take a nice weekend and you'll get a workout. My parents used it on their new boat to protect, I used it on a 2001 to restore. Worked to clean the cheap stainless and made the old RHIB looks new.
Practical Sailor tests this type product.

If you want a realistic review , instead of an anicdote.
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