Industrial Canal lock New Orleans

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Oct 6, 2007
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* I just read in the New Orleans paper that the Industrial Canal Lock used to exit the Mississippi R. though* *N. O.**eastbound will be close for repairs for 60 days. In their wisdom they do not give a start date for the work,*if*I am able to find out I will post that. Any one transiting New Orleans in the next*few of months should check on the status of the Lock. There is a route that will be used, it calls for traveling down river to Baptiste Collette Bayou near Venice using the bayou to get into *Chandeleur Island Sound and Mississippi Sound. Of course Westbound will be the same route but in reverse up to Algiers or Harvey ICW*locks on the West Bank.* Another option would be to go around south the*of mouth of the river.
Steve Willett
Camano 31
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Keep checking the USCG's local notice to mariners:
Nothing in there about the lock closure yet, so I assume it's not imminent... they usually give warnings pretty far ahead for that type of stuff.
This just in:
US army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District has a notice on their site
that the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lock will be closed on a daily basis
7 days a week* from 0600 to 1800 for dolphin work. Effective period is
February 11th through March 2nd.

Ted Stehle
Cruising & News Editor
Waterway Guide
Boy, you'd think the USCG would put that in the LNM, don't you????
No web link for the corps of engineers yet.
According to the Corps of Engineers the 60 day closure for repairs to the Industrial Canal Lock will start August 1, 2008
Steve Willett
Camano 31
Thibodaux, Louisiana
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