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Oct 7, 2012
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36 Albin Aft Cabin
Hello All, I have been an off and on member of TF for a long time. Guess I slipped into "inactive" status but am anxious to get back. I really love getting the posts in my mail and read every word. I have a 36 foot aft cabin Albin Trawler which i have had for about 8 years. Lots of boating experience before that. All Great lakes stuff, Superior and now Lake Michigan. The Loop is in our plans now that we are retired. Ive had a few engine issues (Ford Lehman) recently, hopefully I now have them beat. Now for my issue/question..I have a Raymarine chart plotter and autopilot, (love them) !! but I want a navigation program for my laptop to use as backup and to use for planning trips when I'm not at the MFD, which is on the flybridge. My Mac laptop recently died and I will be replacing it soon. Here is my issue...I can't seem to find any navigation programs available for Mac (Apple) I really don't want to go back to P.C. for my laptop but it looks like I may have to. So without getting into an "anchor, twin vs single engine discussion", Are there navigation programs available for MAC ? If there are several choices I can probably sort them out unless the combined wisdom wants to make recommendations. Living in Northern Wisconsin, my boat it "Best Alternative" sitting on the hard in Oconto. Waiting of Spring, hoping to launch April 26. Thanks, Pete
Welcome aboard. I have a Windows PC that I have Rose Point on as a backup, never used it. Don’t know about Mac programs. I have a Raymarine that has wifi in it so I log into the MFD with my ipad when I am down below and use the MFD remotely to,plan the next days cruise.
Have been using Navionics on three devices (Samsung Galaxt tablet, iPad and iPhone)with no other chart plotter. It has taken us to Desolation Sound and back as well as many other trips with absolutely no issues. Highly recomend it.
I run Coastal Explorer on a Mac with Parrallels, a program that lets it run windows.
I am Mac-based for work, but we use two iPads in the pilothouse. One is dedicated to our Furuno Wireless Radar and TZ iBoat navigation charts. The Radar seamlessly overlays on the Timezero charts, and has a lot of features like AIS and 3D.

If you’ve never seen those items in action they are pretty cool - and even affordable. Here’s a link to the video we made installing the radar and using it with the nav app:

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