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Jul 31, 2014
Newbie, greetings from Orlando. Thanks in advance for the community spirit, information, and wealth of bloody/white knuckle experience.

I am spending WAY too much time in these forum threads just reading. I will try to contribute if I have anything useful or amusing to add. Please feel free to give me your thoughts posting or by PM.

Our family is one old dude who sailed and powered the east coast and Chesapeake before the internet; one younger, kinder, smarter, more esthetically pleasing partner; and two young hellions we are more than a little terrified by daily.

Trawlers and tugs seem to keep pulling my attention from yard work and fixing cars. As I read, I realize everything is either completely new to me or something I remember knowing a little about a LONG time ago. Apparently terror is addictive.

Cheers and...noli virus carborundum!

Welcome aboard from Canada's north coast sunset edge.

Dare to Dream :thumb:
Welcome aboard. Well, I'm not a "white knuckle" kinda guy. When in doubt, sit it out. Flat, deep water is good water. In that respect I'm a...

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Cheers and...noli virus carborundum![/QUOTE]

Yes I hear your carborundum and respond non persporatum
Welcome and good luck finding a suitable vessel for your clan. Once I got mine, working in the yard nearly ceased or became limited to short bursts. (But I never much liked yard work.)

Welcome and greetings from Lakeland, just down the road.
Welcome aboard. Lotsa pilots on this forum!
Welcome from the PNW! Only one thing to remember is this: We like pictures of your boat, destination and crew.
Yup, what ASD said above. If it ain't accompanied by pictures it didn't happen.
Welcome aboard. When you do get your tug/trawler/whatever, where will you keep it?
So ya wanna get into boating... do ya??!! :thumb:

Best o' luck and welcome aboard!! :dance:

Art :speed boat:
I think you will find it difficult to let your garden and yard go. You, no doubt, have put a lot of time and effort into both. Now to take up a new sport or hobby something will have to go to seed, so to speak.

I was never crazy about yard and garden work although we did a lot of it. Now our strawberry patch is mostly weeds and the rest of the garden is "resting". It is sort of sad to see.

I can't offer a solution just an observation. It's pretty hard to do both. Especially in the short growing/boating season of Northern Wisconsin.

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