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May 21, 2013
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Prairie 36
Hi ya'll I'm another newbie looking to learn as much as I can about trawlers. I've owned several power boats and sail boats over the years but no trawlers. Have been doing lots of sailing in recent years and have learned to respect the little diesels in the larger sail boats. We have to use them quite a bit to get anywhere in the Galveston Bay area and ICW.
The wife and I are hoping to retire within a couple of years and are thinking of selling most of our little boats and toys to buy a larger boat that we can use to travel the Great Loop. This leads to why I'm interested in trawlers. I think an efficient trawler would be just as, if not more economical than a sail boat for this trip. Having lurked on this forum for awhile and researched the subject some, I believe it's time to look deeper. Thanks in advance for all I will learn and discuss with ya'll.

Welcome, good to see more Texans
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