Hi, I'm new here...I am in Missouri but soon to re-locate to the Keys.

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Nov 25, 2020
I'm at my sisters farm in Missouri just now.

I have been here several years looking after her, she passed away in July so I am now going through probate and hope to be able to move to the keys in early spring.

I lived in Miami when I was a teen so I am familiar with the area...I'm trying to find a suitable home in Marathon now. I love the area, I used to often go to Bahia Honda park and camp.

I have realtors keeping an eye open in the area, homes are expensive but slips are expensive as well. I found a tiny, somewhat dated mobile home on a small lot with a canal in back that has a 30ft dock. That allows for only a tiny boat but I can't find any other property that is below 800,000.00 in Marathon that has access to the water.

I'm considering doing the live-aboard thing at a slip but they are pricey to buy and still you have HOA type fees monthly. I located a slip for 160,000 that can take an 81ft boat...they say they can rent the slip for me to transients if I am away on the boat, that way it can generate a bit of income while I was out on the water.

I am posting some images below, they are the small mobile home I am considering and a photo of the canal in back of it.

I found a sweet but tiny boat that will fit at the dock. It is a 26ft Nordic Tug. Not really suitable for crossing the Atlantic...lol but it would be fine for playing around in the Keys. They want 69,000.00 for the boat.

I made an offer on a teensy little island just off the 7 mile bridge on the Atlantic side...it is called Money Key.

It looks a bit wind-swept from the last hurricane so I would have to have some small to medium palms and other greenery planted so it wouldn't just look like a blighted sandbar..lol The image below is of the island in better days before the wind hit it hard.

Building codes won't allow for a permanent structure on the island but they told me having a dock put in is OK after the Corp of Engineers approve the plan. I would set up a sort of permanant campsite on the little island.. I know someone who is loving the idea of staying in such a setting so I would have someone there to always keep an eye on it. He is a ham radio guy like me and likes the idea of being on an island. :)

I could keep the little Nordic Tug at the mobile home and go over to the island any time as it is very close by.

They are asking 250,000.00 for the island and I offered 220,000.00, I have not made an earnest deposit yet, just feeling the owners out. I see the realtor listing has a pending flag on it now...not sure if that is my offer or someone else made an offer..

If anyone here lives close to Marathon then I'd like to get to know you :)

Welcome aboard. We love the keys. Good luck in your search.
Welcome to TF. Is that a Ranger Tug? It's very nice looking.
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