Hello to all and help if you can, need transport

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Jan 6, 2020
Enterprise AL
Vessel Name
Happy Happy
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Bayliner 3888 1989 gas
We are new to your site. Just bought a Bayliner 3888 "Happy Happy" our first larger boat. We are (were) having it moved from Scottsboro Al (goose pond) to Shalimar FL for off load. the guy who was going to move it got hit by a drunk driver and now his trailer is messed up. We are on a tight time table for the move. Need it moved on or about 14 Jan 2020.
Does anyone know a reliable transport individual or company that might be able to help?
Thanks to all look forward to reading move of your posts in the future.
Mike and the Admiral Karen
Welcome! Sorry that I can't help, but I'm sure that there are those here who can. Look forward to seeing pictures of your new Bayby.

Welcome aboard. Check out anyone you find on the internet. There are some less than honest boat movers out there. Good luck.
It seems like something always goes wrong on an overland move. Never the transporters fault though.

Was the boat involved in the accident or just the transporters equipment? If you have a contract I think it is up to him to get new equipment and honor the contract.

Good Luck.

Give a call to a few boat dealers in your area who buy/sell cabin cruiser type boats (as opposed to ski and wakeboard boats) to see who they use.
Welcome aboard. Any chance she can be moved on her own bottom?

Seconding RTF's question. If the boat is operable, it's not that far from Scottsboro to enter the Ten-Tom (Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway), motor on down to the Gulf of Mexico, and thence eastward around the Gulf Coast to the Okeechobee Waterway in Florida. Sounds like a nice trip to me. If your time is short, a delivery skipper might be price-competitive with an over-the-road hauler.

Congrats on purchasing your Bayliner!
Thanks to all. I hope I have finally found a reliable guy to move her. If I had the time I would have loved to moved her on her bottom and plan to do some cruising in the years to come. Thank you all for the input and help. Our boat was not on the trailer when it got hit..sorry for any confusion on that..
Looking forward to looking around your site and again thank you for the help
Mike and the Admiral Karen
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