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Sep 18, 2019
Vessel Name
Pizazz Plus
Vessel Make
Island Gypsy 40’
Good day to you all,

I am about to purchase a 1995 40’ Island Gypsy and decided to join this forum to meet the community of IG boaters.

Any comments on my boat would be helpful as this is my first trawler. She has twin 300 Cat diesels with a Bow thruster. The Cats are 3116’s.
Welcome. We really enjoy our 36IG. Is yours a tri cabin, or sundeck, or a sedan model?

Great boats I am sure you will have Fun!

John and Miri
Hello John and Miri,

Our IG 40 is a tri cabin. Was just out on a sea trial and it feels like a solid boat.
Checked it out on Yachtworld. Only 1995 IG 40 Classic. Sale Pending. If this is your boat it is very interesting. The added 4 feet over our boat gives you lots of extra elbow room and storage. Hope the sale goes thru and you guys have good luck with your new boat.
Welcome aboard. Congrats on your new boat to be.
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