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Nov 1, 2019
United States
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CHP/ Seamaster
Hello, my name is Floyd, we purchased a CHP/Seamaster. "Fruition" is a 48 foot motor yacht. Not really a trawler but an incredible boat. We purchased Last October in Scottsboro, Al. We traveled down the Tennessee to the Tenn-Tom and to Mandeville, Louisiana. Our plans are to continue the Great Loop. We expect to settle in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are both retired, I spent 46 years in the Maritime industry. I worked the Mississippi River, ICWW New Orleans to Brownsville, TX, and New Orleans to St. Marks, Fl. Then I taught maritime science for 11 years.,
MissE is a retired elementary teacher. She has really enjoyed the boat, I have been teaching her to operate the boat, and she is a pro at locking!
Welcome Aboard!
You have much to provide with regards to the great loop, look forward to your input!
Welcome aboard. Congrats on your new lifestyle.

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