heat exchanger ford lehman

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Sep 28, 2009
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eagle 32'
each day,i check my bilge to see if everything is ok. Today was not my day...i found in my bilge pink oily liquid. After research i found that water was in my transmission and going out by the overflow. I deduct that maybe my transmission cooler or my heat exchanger is or are busted,so i will change them both,plus the motor oil cooler .
My question is: about my transmission* after draining (2 times) and fill with new oil,should i expect problem in the near future?
Where is the good place to buy these coolers.
I should say that this happened when my motor and transmission where not working.
the motor is a 4D254 and the tranny is a Warner, velvet drive.

M/V septembre
Claude, we had the cooler fail on our Borg Warner transmission in the middle of a gale in the Bahamas and we ran hard from NW channel light to Chub Cay without knowing about the problem. We drained and flushed the transmission several times until no more water showed up. The transmission is still running today, 6 years later and with a new owner for the boat. So give it a try, those Borg Warners can take a lot of abuse. Chuck
Hey Claude,
It's me. Sorry you ran into this problem. American Diesel could have got you the coolers while you were up here in Deltaville. I just changed out all of mine this summer. Keep changing the fluid until nothing but fluid comes out and you'll be fine. How's the weather down there in the sunny keys?
thank you for the answer.
I will drain and refill my transmission till there will be only oil fluid going out and be sure that i will change all coolers(oil+transmission) and the heat exchanger.
Sen dure makes great coolers in a couple of $$$ grades.

Bestitis , anyone?

Make sure that when you order new heat exchangers you specify you want cupro-nickel exhangers, not the less expensive ones. The cupro-nickel exhangers last a lot longer.
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