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Apr 20, 2017
Well sorta set out on this in a bad order of things lol but its going well so far.

We bought a 32 ft trawler a couple months back marine trader sedan .
Prior boating experience had been a bass boat or 2 lol.
The vessel was located in the middle keys.
So we packed up and drove the 2500 miles to buy her.
Spent a month fixing up needed repairs . A lot of her electrical needed repairs.
Then got tired of the keys,we bought a trawler to go see things right? So we started planning a crossing back to mainland FL. Found a buddyboat sail boat to cross with.
Ran with them till the first magenta line ran out.
Set onward alone. Been quite the learning experience. Been a amazeing adventure so far.manatees sea turtles dolphins and gatorzilla have been a few things we seen so far.
Managed the nature coast and such and on to mobile bay now.
The plan is to chase this magenta line till it runs out again lol.
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