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Jul 4, 2014
Greetings members. I was very happy to discover the existence of this forum. I am just beginning my research into a liveaboard lifestyle as part of my 2019 retirement planning. I love the water, boats and travel but I also like comfort so a cruising boat seems a good idea.

I know nothing useful about selecting and buying a boat so I will be reading this forum with great interest.
Welcome aboard Ross! The Aussie group is growing. I`m sure you will find lots of information to help (and maybe hinder) your systematic purchase and research planning.
Yes, welcome to the forum. Just a thought, though...don't wait for retirement. If possible get moving now. Most of us mere mortals buy an older vessel and 'do it up'. To do this takes physical fitness, time yes...but mostly money. Often the former and the latter easier to come by before retirement while still working. Then there is also the sad reality some don't make retirement. Illustrated by a patient of mine, younger than me, passing away just last week. Sorry to introduce a negative note of harsh reality, but sometimes s**t happens...
Welcome aboard. There is a lot of information for you in the various threads. Scanning the posts in the various threads will reveal even more information as frequently the posts go off the original topic and some useful information appears.

We have had a couple of threads in the last six months about the cost of boats / parts in Australia and the cost benefit of importing a boat from North American. As you search for a boat for you keep that option in mind.

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