GPS "Dead" Spots?

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Dec 3, 2014
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Hi folks,
I just returned from my first trip to the Isthmus at Catalina, which was great. On the way there my Garmin GPS suddenly lost all satellite contact. It lasted for maybe 15 minutes before coming back online. During that time I checked all connections at the display and antennae, but could find no reason for it. Yesterday, on the way home, I lost satellite contact again in the exact same spot, which is off of Pt. Mugu, where there are heavy military coms. This time it only lasted about a minute or two.

It seems like if it was a bad electrical connection it might do this, with the exception of losing contact in the exact same geographical spot. So, have any of you encountered GPS "Dead" spots before? All comments and opinions are welcomed.

Cheers, Bill
There was a large solar magnetic disturbance SMD that was due to cause interference over the past week.
Twice, we've encountered similar symptoms with our DGPS unit in the southern part of Delaware Bay. I don't know whether it's loss of satellite signals or loss of the differential correction signal; don't remember the wording of the error statement.

The other GPS, WAAS-corrected, didn't experience the same problem.


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