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May 28, 2013
Vessel Make
Glaspy 19ft. 1975
Signed in today as a new boater.... Just bought a 1975 19 Ft. Glasply. I don't have any history information on it. Don't really consider it is a trawler.... Hoping to find out more information on this boat, or if anyone has owned one before? The company is no longer in business. I've seen a few You-Tube videos.... The cuddy cabin is large and gives a feeling of spaciousness with the windows... Will have to do a little work on the inboard Volvo Penta engine. Otherwise most everything seems to be in good condition. Not perfect..... Has an older Tent Top on back.
If anyone has any info on this or can direct me where to search for specific information, I would be very appreciative.
I'll give that site a look. Had not found it yet.... Thanks!
Seems they are having trouble with their Admin site... Says it is closed, can't register with them. there is a lot of info to paruse through. Can't see any photos or ask any questions though. I'll be checking on the HIN for the boat. The daughter of the original designer of the 75's sold the company in 70'..... with the designs..... There are not any old brochures to be found looks like. I'll keep looking. Hopefully, the problem registering with the site will be fixed.
At the bottom page of most every forum there is a link called "Contact Us".

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This link will get you to that page of their site. Send a message to them and the Admin in charge of the help desk will get you set up as a member. They appear to be a lively forum with all the info you need. Feel free to stick around here too.
Had a late 80's 19' runabout. Great hull, horrible motor. 190 HP BMW I/O.
There are enough of them still on the water and selling for decent prices that I'd say they got it right. Built in marysville, WA I believe.
Max yes they were built in Marysville Wa and were very popular. In their day they seemed to be everywhere in SE Alaska. In Juneau, Angoon and most everywhere else. A good looking boat too .... much better looking than the aluminum boats that replaced them.

Like all older FG boats many to most have rotten stringers in their hull. 2 x 4, 6, 8 ect were the major structural members running fore and aft along the bottom of the inside these hulls. One can repair them or replace them w non-rotting material but it's a big job.
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