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Jun 20, 2015
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Albin/Sundeck Trawler 43'
Nice to be aboard. Been a long time Northeast boater having our 1986 43' Albin Sundeck Trawler since 1988. Started boating around 1957 with various small trailered outboard wooden Thompsons. Graduated to a 24' Penn Yan then a 33' Egg Harbor and finally the 43' Albin.
We do most of our boating on Long Island Sound with occasional trips to Cape Cod and Lakes Champlain & Erie via the canals.
I am a member of the MTOA, (Marine Trawler Owners Association) and the Albin Owners Group as well as The I.O.B. G. (International Order of The Blue association of Past Yacht Club Commodores.) I was the Fleet Captain at The Harlem Yacht Club for 20 years and am a past U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Division Captain.
We keep the boat at a "Dockaminium" on City Island, NY
Always interested in learning more stuff and sharing some of my experiences.

Ernie O.
Larchmont, NY
Glad to see you found us, Ernie. We were wondering where you were!!

Lots of folks here on the east coast of the USA as well as from locales all around the world. Hope to see pics of your Albin. Lots of Albin fans on the forum.

Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard from the Texas Gulf Coast!
Welcome Ernie. There are a few things you should know about this forum. First RTF is a little crazy but he's also pretty smart.
Don't ask about anchors! You will start a never ending thread that can be summed up as your anchor is too small, it's the wrong kind, and you don't have enough chain.
Ps-pictures or it doesn't exist nor has it ever happened!
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The part Parks (Hopcar) forgets to mention is that he is happy to sell you a larger anchor (if all can ever agree on what the right one is) and all the chain you need (if all can ever agree on how much that is). Plus he will treat you to a free cup of Cuban coffee if you are ever in his neighborhood.

1983 Present 42 Sundeck
Twin Lehman 135's
THD, thanks for the plug! Two Cuban coffees for you.
Should we tell him what will happen if he asks about guns on boats?
Parks-if he brings up guns on boats, he forfeits his Cuban coffee!
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