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Jun 24, 2009
Hello All,
I am new to the forum; interested in sharing info on Southern California cruising.* In the next few days my lovely wife and I will be "closing the deal" on a KH 44' Island Gypsy.* We are looking forward to an eventful summer cruising to Catalina Island and other spots from Long Beach, CA to San Diego.
I'd love to chat with anyone who knows the area and the boat.
Welcome aboard!!! Good luck on the new boat and all the experiences you will have with her!
Thanks for the warm welcome, John. *And, thanks for starting this forum. Having been born and raised in Texas myself, I'm not surprised that it took a Texan to lead the way.

Thank ya sir!
Hello GeneO, welcome aboard! There are a couple of us keen Halvorsen owners on this site and we invite you to share your experiences, photos and questions with us in the Halvorsen section (under "Forum by Make").

Just for fun, attached is a photo of my Halvorsen Gourmet Cruiser double-banked alongside a sister to your own Kong & Halvorsen IG44. The example you see below was built in 1980 for the company that my Dad ran. Since all the other senior managers were golfers, we got to use the boat every weekend like she was our own! In fact, my Mom practically gave birth to the boat having overseen much of the construction process and having twisted Mr. Kong's arm into allowing her to personalise the boat's interior and flybridge/aft deck arrangement as much as she did! That was a great boat to grow up on, and she is still in excellent condition today.

Sadly these boats have long not been built here in Hong Kong... I spent many weekends in 2007 popping over to China to see my Gourmet Cruiser taking shape there.



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Thank you so much, Mark, for the warm welcome. I will check in at the KH forum.
My lovely wife and I will be cruising our Island Gypsy, named "Mystic Gypsy", for the first time next weekend. Our first cruise will take us from San Diego, California, to home port in Long Beach, California. We are very excited and anxious
to start our new relationship with "the Gypsy."
Pictures and narrative to follow...
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