GB32 Boom Install (Part 2)

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Apr 6, 2024
I posted a question below about how the standing and running rigging is supposed to be set up for the boom on a GB32. Thank you for all the good input.

I now have a different but related question.

My mast is stepped forward of the rear rail on the flybridge, and the design accommodates that with a big u-shaped bend in the rail that circles the mast on the forward side. That's all fine but if I install the boom at the base of the mast, which is the obvious attachment point for the gooseneck, the swing of the boom will be severely limited by the stanchions on either side. Probably 20- or 30-degrees max in either direction. Is that how it's supposed to be or am I missing something? Is there an installation that allows for boom movement wider than that?

Picture attached (hopefully):


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I am not a rigging guy BUT have you considered raising the boom attachment point and maybe rerigging the boom attachments to suit. The odds , to me , should be workable. Make a drawing and work out the swing. Maybe even shorten the boom a couple of feet if that will help.

A cable, SS wire, may be rigged between the new boom rigging point and the mast foot for support.
Talk to a sailboat rigger also.
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You could remove the stanchion to the starboard side of the mast and always deploy the boom to that side.
Your attached photo is exactly what my 32 set up is like. The gooseneck on mine is at the base of the stainless steel mast step, no other option for attachment. The whole structure is very lightly constructed and in my opinion as designed only purpose is for a riding sail at anchor. My 32 rides perfect at anchor so i have never bent the riding sail on. We do use the boom to assist with lifting the dinghy motor on and off the dink and into the cockpit for storage. Hope my comments help.

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