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Sep 25, 2008
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"Emily Anne"
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2001 Island Gypsy 32 Europa (Hull #146)
Finished removing old Raymarine chartplotters and radar and installing new Garmin displays and radar a little while ago. Two weeks plus of part time (read skipping out of work early) tearing apart of the boat, old wiring and cable removal then rewiring, re-cabling, fitting new display mounts, connecting and interfacing with autopilot and VHF, all boiled down to the only visable changes being two new displays in place of the old ones (pics attached) and scanner (no pic). Sort of proud of myself and saved a bundle on installation costs. And, subject to sea trial, it all seems to work.


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And, yes, I know the display shows that I'm aground. I am.

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Nice job Dave!!!

I hope you like the set up as much as I like mine. I've given considerable thought about Going with a new Garmin combo but it doesn't make sense for me to spend that kind of money replacing my 6000i that works so well. I will admit to being envious though.

I've also seen a demo on the new Simrad NSE (NorthStar Edition) which blew me away.


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Sweeet!* That is what I want to install when I finish the restoration.* How do you like the Garmin products?* I work in aircraft electronics and Garmin is one of the TOP DOGS
when it comes to avionics for general aviation so if their marine units perform as well that will be one nice setup.*
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