first trawler - Europa?

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I am a new member of your group. I have spent some time reading previous discussions and I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for my first trawler , used, to live on and cruise on. I have been leaning toward a 40 to 44' Europa style rather than a sedan style. I like the covered decks and the interior layout. I am also looking at a single engine because of economy and prop protection. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments to help me make up my mind.

We have a Camano 41, which has been a great boat. For a cruising couple it has a very efficient layout, without a lot of wasted space. It also has a large flybridge, which makes the boat feel much larger than 41'. We have been cruising the west coast in it since 2012. Before this we had the Camano 31, which is also very well built, but much smaller.
.. a thruster can be the difference between giving up cruising or selling..... if you have a knack and practice, I often see people putting singles in where people with twins don't dare.

Also, some twins are even less manageable with one engine out than many singles. Poo pooing a thruster on twins falls right into doing the same for singles.

One more tool in the bag to dock when you otherwise couldn`t.

Even after countless miles in singles and twins, I still consider adding the thruster, especially as I get telling when the skills may diminish just enough....
KDA, you pressed 2 sensitive spots, twin vs single, and thrusters.
The "one more tool in the bag.." quote above nails it.The "need" for thrusters is part real and part perception. I`d like to retrofit a bowthruster to accompany the twins, maybe I will,no point in going without something that can make boating safer and more enjoyable if within reason it is practical and affordable.
Boating is not meant to be a test of skill and macho ability, you do it for (among other things) enjoyment. Developing skills is of course part of that, but make it enjoyable. Good to handle the boat without resort to thrusters(which can fail) but good to have them too.

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