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Jul 29, 2020
Hello all
I have an 82 Trawler 30' and looking to remove canvas tops and go to either a plastic or fiberglass top for upper Helm and lower helm
Any suggestions, Thank you
I have used for hardtops on 2 boats and loved their product. Unfortunately someone posted that they were going out of business due to Covid making the plastic materials unavailable. You might try contacting them and see if they are indeed out of business or not.
They are indeed out of business. Web site domain name is for sale.
Their website is still online. I copied and pasted this information:

Phone: 1-888-306-6136 Call Now to Speak to a Live Representative for immediate quote Email:
If they are indeed out of business it is too bad because I really liked their product. If someone is able to contact them, please update this thread.
Don't know about the West Coast, but back East, there are marine T Top fabricators in a lot of places.

My last liveaboard, a 37 foot sportfish, I got rid of the bimini and had a glass top made for the flying bridge.

Was super, better that some of the mail order options, and not real expensive but then again not cheap.

Check around for fabricators and get estimates.

Sorry if you guys out West don't have this luxury.
I had a hardtop made by Atlantic Towers in NJ. It was very nice but somewhat pricey.
I have/had considered a hard cover for the cockpit of my American Tug but was afraid of the cost. Plus, I doubt if there is a company specializing in this, in the Ft Lauderdale area.
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One of the originals and just one of several I found, know of there.

Yes, custom anything is not cheap, even bimini tops.


Yup, everything is possible if you have no limit on the cash. Not only the pipe work but also the fiberglass cockpit cover too.
I think I have put enough 'perfume on the pig' for now.
I have a couple of projects in process that will take my cash for this year.
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