Engine room improvements

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Brent Hodges

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Oct 1, 2007
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Albin 43 Sundeck
One of the cool improvements I made to my engine room was to add mirrors outside the engines. I have the saddle tanks outboard of the twin engines. There's only about a foot or less space between the tank and the engine, so it's hard to get my big head in there to see what's going on. There is a wood partition / heat sheild seperating the tank from the engine, so I bought a couple of cheap "full length" mirrors at Walmart that you mount on the back of a bedroom door. They are about 14" x 54"? I mouted them longways on the tank partiton, now I can glance over the top of the engine and see most of the back side of the engine! Makes engine room checks, and maintenance much easier, all for about $20!
*** ** Great idea! I imagine we all have a place or two that we could use this idea. I'll be thinking about this one.
Your $42 beats my $140 fix.
SeaHorse II wrote:

Your $42 beats my $140 fix.
Yeah but, Seahorse, your fix is a lot cooler!* Well Brent, where's your fancy camera setup?* I'll bet you could of done the same for not much more than $42!*
Can one get a wireless camera that transmits to a PC?

If yes, where? and how much?

It would be nice to click back and forth between the engine room and the nav program.
Hey Brent,
*** Are your mirrors glass, or that flexable plastic mirror stuff?

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They appear to be very thin glass glued to cardboard. I peeled one like one of these off a door in the boat, (where I got the idea) and it came off in little bitty pieces. Yes it will break, but not be any danger that I can see.

And Doug, this was about $20, not $42, and yes the cameras would / will be cool, but I still wont be able to see everything in cameras that I can in these mirrors with out a dozen or so cameras. If you can come up with a few cameras for a couple of bucks apiece, bring em on!

Might be hard to tighten that fuel pump fitting, that I can see in the mirror, standing on the bridge looking at a computer screen.....................

Oh yea Doug, I've seen your engine compartment. Don't remember seeing a mirror OR a camera!?!? :eek:)
Hey, that is a neet decorating idea as it would brighten the engine room with out adding additional lighting.* The other advantage is that before exiting the engine room you to can check to see if you look presentable.* The Allice Copper look is not cool.* (-;*

Great*idea!* Thanks!* * *
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