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May 11, 2017
Vessel Name
Slow Lane
Vessel Make
2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
Guys, I'm gonna be buying a dinghy this spring and will be keeping her on my swim grid. I'm trying to figure out what I need.

If you go to minute 2:22 on my Slow Lane video below you can see what I have on swim platform currently.

What do I need to buy? What are those two brackets on there now??
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Yes, those are definitely Weaver snap brackets. Go to their website to see how they work. I have them on my MS Pilot 34 and they work very well. My avatar to the left shows the dinghy pulled up against the transom. Another advantage is ease of loading because the brackets secure the dinghy against the swim platform when it is down and in the water.

You will need to buy a set of matching brackets for you dinghy and I think Weaver sells the adhesive you use to attach them to a Hypalon dinghy.

I have a tackle system that lets me easily haul up the dinghy so it sits against the transom. That should be easy to rig on the Camano 31. I chartered one many years ago that had this setup.

We had Weaver davits on our Camano with an 8.5 foot Zodiac. It was easy to pull out of the water with a line attached to the far side. We had two stand-offs holding the top side when pulled up. Removing one stand-off gave access to the dock from the swim platform.
Thanks all. So since it's a Weaver then what should I buy? Check the link below. It appears that what is currently on my boat was meant for a hard shell dinghy...That's actually good because I'm buying a composite dinghy (not inflatable).

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After watching your video, the Weaver pieces you have attached to your swimstep were on our Zodiac. The spring loaded catches were attached to our swimstep. We also used the slide-in mounts on the swimstep so we could remove the catches when not needed. Since you're not going to use an inflatable, leave the hooks on the step and take a look at the Weaver website at part number DHS, davit heads for hard shelled dinghies.

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