Contraband Days, Lake Charles, LA

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Oct 5, 2007
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Anastasia III
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Krogen 42
We head over there almost every year. It's a great pirate themed festival with music, food, rides, etc. You can tie up to the seawall and you're right in the middle of things. Their website is It's April 28-May 10 this year. I'll be there the first weekend; that Saturday is their Trop-Rock day, so they've got a lot of Jimmy Buffet style music. Hanna's Reef, Kelly McGuire (maybe), Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo band, etc. Lots of fun!
I have been wanting to make it to the Contraband Days for a couple of years now, usually we cruise over to the panhandle that time of year but are not this year though so I'll see if we can make it to L. Charles. How do you go about getting a spot on the seawall, reservations or first come first served?
First come, first served. You can't dock on the part with the steps; that's for the Buccaneers only. Most smaller boats med moor stern to the seawall, but I always side tie. You might have to let someone raft up with you if you do so, but other than the occasional jet ski or ski boat, nobody has ever asked to. We usually get there before Noon on Thursday and have our pick of spots. Remember there's no water or electricity. The seawall is a bit tricky. The top part sticks out, then goes back in, then there's a ledge that sticks out right below the water, so bring your biggest fenders. When the tide drops enough, you can drop a fender between your boat and that bottom ledge.
Varnishing finished, maintenance caught up, supplies on board... ready to leave on Thursday! WooHoo! Will anchor out East of Port Arthur, then arrive in Lake Charles Friday morning. Anyone else going?
Sounds like a great time. Post some pics if you get a chance.We will be on the hook at West Ship Island Thursday night and Cat Island Saturday night- celebrating the big 50. Can't think of anything I would rather do than be on the boat somewhere
I was hoping to go too but a bunch of things piled up on me so looks like it won't be this year. Have a great time!
Steve W
Keith, tell us, how was the trip and stay at Contraband Days? I really do want to make that one of these days (years)
Nice trip, fun festival. Lots of great friends and music. Had the obligatory rain showers on Sunday, but watched Wayne Toups indoors in the civic center. Corn dogs were expensive at $5! That's just rape. So we found a $4 at the carney and it was lousy, so we switched over to shrimp on a stick. Yum!


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