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Oct 1, 2007
After talking to Brent here in Key West we thought it would be good to post recent fuel prices by location.* Here's the first post:

March 15, 2008
Marker 1 Marina
$3.999 Diesel (total price, red diesel)

BTW, same price at 3 Amigos!
troy994719 wrote:

Three amigos was 3.89 on March 30th....

3.77 right now.* It ain't outta the kindness of his heart, SSH marina has it for 3.75 so I am thinking he is matching that.
Great!!! And I need fuel.
About to make a trip to Lake Charles, LA and back. Any fuel prices for comparison recently? I'll probably take on some fuel somewhere along the line.
Probably your best bet there Keith is Houston Party Boats in Galveston. Dunno what they are getting but it is usually always cheaper. Also check Harbourwalk. I know it would be a bit outta the way but if you ar taking a lot, it may be worth the 2 hour round trip.
A couple of days ago, Galveston PB was $3.75, and Bow Tie at Lake Charles was something like $3.64. Just bought fuel today in Homa for $3.54.9 plus 4% tax. (net $3.69)
Brent Hodges wrote:

A couple of days ago, Galveston PB was $3.75, and Bow Tie at Lake Charles was something like $3.64. Just bought fuel today in Homa for $3.54.9 plus 4% tax. (net $3.69)
I guess you're not gonna try Shell Morgan Landing again...huh?

And Brent, top that bitch aren't gonna find anything cheaper over here.

-- Edited by Baker at 10:38, 2008-05-03
South Shore Harbor, 5/12/08 Diesel $4.10 a gallon- less 10% over 300 gallons.
Steve, just got me some of that today.

Funny thing is that 3 Amigos was $4.49 on may way over to SSH....about 45 minutes late on my way back, 3 Amigos was $4.24!!!!! I guess he realized that he couldn't gouge that much. I will go to SSH for now on. They are never more expensive than 3As.

-- Edited by Baker at 13:30, 2008-05-22
We only could take on about 270 gallons. If we had room for 300+ gallons we would have paid $3.69 per gallon.

I am pretty sure it is AFTER the 300 gallons....not the entire purchase.

-- Edited by Baker at 22:36, 2008-05-13
I sure hope you are right. I was running the numbers in my head today and at 270 gallons the next 30 would be FREE the way I figured it!!
I called and he said it was 10% off the entire purchase... Unfortunatly I*only*needed 270 gallons to fill up.*

Someone told me that 3 amigos claims the party boats are coming to him now because they had trouble with water in the fuel from south shore. Seems like I have heard the same story about 3 amigos.

-- Edited by troy994719 at 10:55, 2008-05-15
I haven't seen anything that SSH does that is second rate. I have purchased a lot of fuel there and have never had any water show up.
I have witnessed it personally from 3 Amigos(in a friends boat about 6 years ago). I have bought fuel may times since and have had no problem. I buy fuel there when I need convenience. But a well thought out plan and I will always go somewhere else.
That's funny, I have seen the party boats filling up at SSH every time.

Now if they could just keep the pump out stations working...
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