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Oct 1, 2007
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I got my new lease from my marina and there is a clause in there that states that we have to get lost from 11-30 days in October for the big new boat show.* No accomodation, nothing.* Just disapear for a minimum of 11 days to a max of 30.....don't call us, we'll call you.* It will affect approx 300 boats.

Anyone around the country that stays in a big boat show do y'all deal with that?
We were moored on LakeUnion where the Seattle boat afloat show was in the Ocean Alexander marina, and what they did is divide the marine up as to broker boats, live aboard and other.* The live a boards where on one side toward the end, when the show stopped, some of the regulars boat did have to move, but most were rafted off the other boats and/or end ties.* So arrange a meeting with management and a GROUP of marina tenants to see what can be done or really how many tenants it effects. ****
Oh, you're in Fertittaville, the land of "**** you boater bastards". He doesn't give a **** about anyone but himself. You could of course leave and never come back. Sue.

They should at least compensate you for rent you'd have to pay at another marina. Plus some compensation for your trouble. Wonder what they'd do if you refused to move? Well, make sure your automatic fire extinguishers are working.

Hey, that's a nice feature, that the web site automatically fixes words like fu-k.

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We do not have to pay rent for that month. But other than that, we are on our own. You can't sue because it is in the contract....that I haven't signed yet and most likely won't. SO I will go month to month. for 10 extra bucks.
We actually have a surplus of space here in the Galveston Bay area....but that may change.
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