Canned cheeseburger in paradise

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Oct 5, 2007
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Anastasia III
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Krogen 42
For those of you looking for non-refrigerated foods, check out this canned product:
They even have dehydrated red wine... what's this world coming to?

Here's a review:

I don't think they're available in the US yet... thank goodness!

-- Edited by Keith at 05:51, 2008-02-22
Hey, that's just right for a Jimmy Buffet song. Can it and throw away the opener. Better still, do the same with all his "music"....
For a real treat you need to get Mrs Philberts Margerine.

Unrefrigerated it will last months opened , even in Martinique ,

BUT if you ever use a utensil with a bit real food on it to take it from the can , it grows green in a day.

At least that proves something can thrive on it!

Attacking Sir Jimmy !!!

Even if you do not his songs, you GOTTA love the feeling they give while boating..

Now the fact he's a huge manatee lover......

Oh heck, so am I... But I prefer my manatee fried or grilled....
"But I prefer my manatee fried or grilled...."


My bride is working on a manatee cook book,

I hear it tastes like a cross between a bald eagle and a dolphin.
Now I was thinking it had kind of a spotted owl taste to it, with just a hint of snail darter. I didn't think it tasted like eagle at all. I guess our taste buds are all different.

Ken Buck
Now a mantee is the same critter as a dugong. Highly protected here in Aus unless you are of Aboriginal decent.
They taste like a mix of emu, koala bear, kookaburra and kangaroo with a bit of crocadile thrown in.
Now don't you go tellin anybody ok.

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