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Oct 8, 2007
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Mainship 34
Here's a question for the group.* I have a 34' CHB, and would like to add a bimini top.* I would need the stainless as well as the fabric itself.* Anyone out there have anyone in their area they've had good luck with?* I'm in southern Oregon, but can travel or I could just send the measurements to the manufacturer.

What say you?


Mike Wiley
Brookings, Oregon
Mike - several years ago we added a bimini to Penta and at the time all I did was contact one of the better auto/marine upholstery shops and they came out, measured, manufactured and installed all for under $300.00. Prices probably are higher now but getting it custom made for the boat and covering what we wanted was a big advantage. They had the jigs for bending the tubing and all that stuff.
John "Penta"
John,* they manufactured the tubing, sewed the canvas, and installed.....all for under $300???** Could you tell us the name of the shop please. Please, please, please.* I've got some canvas that needs replacing and for those kinds of pricees I'll travel darn near anywhere.**

We're having a new bimini top and enclosure made by Tropical Marine Canvas ( in Long Beach, CA as I write this. Not cheap, but there are significant tubing mods being made.

Give Joe a call... he's a good guy.
And whoever you choose to make a bimini top or any other canvas cover for your boat, make sure they use Gore Tex Tenara thread. The thread is the key to canvas longevity. Tenara is the only thread worth using for this application--- it will outlast the canvas. Most reputable canvas shops use Tenara. It's hellaciously expensive-- my wife bought her spool for $125 on the internet and this is the cheapest she found it. The prices for the same size spool range all the way up to $300.
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